Select 01 Item

Chilled (Guava/Mixed Fruit/Orange) Drink
Fresh (Papaya/Water Melon/Pineapple) Drink
Iced Coffee
(Orange/Pineapple/Soda & Mint Punch) Juice
Fresh (Divul/Amberella) Drink
Chilled Fresh Veralu Drink

Select 01 Item

Chicken & Vegetable Fried Rice (Basmathi)
Vegetable Fried Rice (Basmathi)
Steamed Rice Samba (Basmathi)
Plain Keeri Samba
Chicken Biriyani ( Basmathi)
Mutton Biriyani (Basmathi)
Sea food Biriyani
Suduru Samba
Chicken Kottu / Vegetable Kottu
Sea food Kottu
Mutton Kottu
Egg Hoppers , Plain Hoppers
Sea Food Pasta
Alfredo Pasta
Millanese Pasta
Pasta Nepolitane
Chicken Pasta
Egg & Vegetable Nooddles
Spaghetti Bologanaise (Beef)
Mongolian BBQ
Indian Naan

Select At Least 03 Items

Traditional Chicken Curry/ Indian Kadai Chicken
Chilly Chicken(Boneless)
Butter Chicken (Bonless)
Crispy Fried Chicken
Marinated and Baked Chicken (Boneles)
Grilled Chicken (Boneless)
Roast Chicken Carvery station
Chicken Thandoori , Chicken Devilled
Pork (Black Curry/Devilled/Mustard/Pan Fried/Badun)
Beef (Curry/Mustard/Devilled)
Mutton (Curry/Rogan Josh/Stew)
Boneless Mutton (Local)
Boneless Lamb Imported
Fish (Red Curry,Stew )- Thalapath
Fish Ambulthial / Fish Cutlet - Tuna
Batter Fried Fish (White Fish)
Fish Tikka(White Fish)
Fish (Devilled/Curry) -White Fish
Fish Lemon Butter - White Fish
Fried Fish Slices/Batter Fried Fish -White Fish
Skinned & Deveined Prawns(Curry/Theldala/Devilled/Sweet & Sour)
(Hot Butter/Chilly)Prawns-Skinned & Deveined
Batter Fried Prawns
Prawns(Curry/Theldala/Devilled/Sweet & Sour)
Hot Butter Cuttle Fish
Crumbed fried Cuttle Fish
Batter Fried Cuttlefish
Boneless Lamb Curry
BBQ Chicken+Pan Fried Pork+BBQ Sausages

Select At Least 04 Items

Paneer Devilled
Cashew Curry
Cashew & Pea Curry
Potato Tempered
Dhall Tempered
Dhall Makhani
Dhall and Spinach White Curry
Cauliflower Curry
Potato & Cauliflower Curry
Potato & Mushroom Curry
Brinjal Pehi/ Moju/ Fried
Brinjal & Ashplantains Curry
Jal Prezzi
Vegetable Nawarathna/ Vegetable Chopsuey
Beans Tempered
Wok Fried Vegetables
Baked Vegetables
Grilled Vegetables
Mushroom Pie
Mushroom Curry
Mushroom Batter Fried
Any Soup with Bread Rolls & Butter
Bread Roll & Butter
Garlic Bread
Malay Pickle

Select 01 Item

Green Salad/potato salad or Cole slaw
Macaroni & Cheese Baked
Beef/Chicken/Fish Salad
Russian Salad
Sea Food Salad
Nicoise Salad
Any Soup ,Bread Rolls & Butter
Bread Roll & Butter
Garlic Bread
Baked Potato & Butter
Malay Pickle

Desserts(2-6 Items Depending on the Number of Participants)

Fruit Triffle Pudding
Chocolate Mousse
Ice Cream
Cream Caramel Pudding
Jelly With Custard
Fresh Fruit Salad
Crushed Nut Souffle Pudding
Chocolate Fruit Pudding
Fruit Jeloucey
Mille Feuille
Peach Tart
Coffee Mousse
Peach Bomb
Florida Gataux